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It has an extremely high carbon dioxide emission per tonne, and is the fastest growing mode of transport. based food and farming alliance, has shown that the lettuce requires 127 calories of fuel for every food calorie.On top of it, some of the food transport by air simply makes no sense: Why should spring onions from Mexico be sold in an Irish supermarket, or why should iceberg lettuce from Los Angeles be flown to London? Quantitative data on food transport are known in detail for Britain.The fuel burned to transport and refrigerate the food contributes to global warming.As to food coming from abroad, about 12.2 millions tones are imported into Britain, and 7.4 million tonnes are exported. is no exception: In 1998 Britain imported 61,000 tonnes of poultry meat from the Netherlands, and also exported 33.100 tonnes of poultry meat to the Netherlands.The IPCC figure is expected to grow to between 5 and 6% in 50 year's time.

23% more food than 20 years ago is on the road, and due to centralized storage it is traveling 65% further.In 2002, 715 million international tourist receipts were accounted for. Unfortunately, it is to be regretted that in many instances both in tourism and trade the policy is dictated not by the common good but by excessive demands on profit and on satisfaction of narrow personal preferences.Typically, both the World Trade Organization and the World Bank - the two premier institutions that promote global trade - have been silent about the links between trade, transportation, and climate.There will be efficiency improvements, but so far the growth in air travel has been outpacing all fuel efficiency gains.

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In 2000, there were around 900 airlines operating 11,600 commercial aircraft, transporting 1.4 billion passengers and 30 million tones of freight.

Approximately one fifteenth of all greenhouse gases (GHGs) released by humanity worldwide, originate in the US transportation system.

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